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JSConf China 2017

The wide field of JavaScript

The topics on JSConf China 2017 covered the wide field of JavaScript. From historical evolution of web development to the latest features of JavaScript ES7, from back-end micro services API to front-end run-time compiling, from browser service worker to React Native. It may be hard for everyone to know about all topics, but as we are part of JavaScript community, it was a fantastic time to learn from each other.

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The competition of frameworks

With so many technologies/frameworks been introduced to JavaScript ecosystem. People became excited and then exhausted. We are always trying to find which framework would eventually win, would that be React, Vue, Angular? TypeScript or JavaScript? CoffeeScript is gone? It’s hard to tell which one is better in the flashpoint of JavaScript technologies. The suggestion from speakers would be, pick the one that you are most familiar with and go with it.

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The future of JavaScript

As JavaScript developers are always afraid of falling behind, people are caring about the future of JavaScript world. No matter if it’s the new features of JavaScript language or new front/back-end frameworks, no one knows where the future is, but the thing is, we decide the future of JavaScript would.